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A robust platform for strategic asset purchasing. Controlled processes with easy-to-understand segments. Never trust blindly again. Reduce the cost of purchasing goods. Be connected to the whole world.

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The supply chain is the entire process from the customer’s order to the delivery and payment of the product or service. The definition of supply chain thus includes the planning, execution, and control of all activities related to the flow of materials and information from the purchase of raw materials to the final delivery of the product to the customer.

A supply chain consequently involves multi-stage, upstream, and downstream links between different companies involved in value creation in the form of a network from raw material extraction, through the refinement stages, to the end consumer.

Today’s supply chains have become highly complex due to internationalization, increasing flow rates, and changes in global consumer behavior.


How We Work

As a global supply chain management company, we offer solutions for any size business. Our team is on-site in central production locations around the world. We search for the right supplier; we audit the production plant, do local background research, and negotiate the best price at the best delivery conditions on-site.
– We prepare contracts or conclude them as a company in our own name.
– We organize and optimize the logistics seamlessly from the factory to you.
– We supervise loading and do quality assurance.

in-platform communication

Slack integration
Direct messages on status update
Include team members
Simple and efficient

Achieve cost reduction in purchasing

Full cost control
Digitized process
Reduced supplier risk
Improved decision making

Fast profit achievement

Direct cost saving
Increased margin
Less personnel costs
Faster delivery

Unleash more business momentum

Faster decision making processes
Faster implementation of complex audits
Forward planning
Always up to date and one step ahead

Purchasing workflows

Track and analyze every step of the procurement process
Clear representation of the orders
Dynamic adaptation of workflows
Easy communication

A strong team

Dedicated team leader
24/7 connected
Highly skilled
Cost effective


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