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We manage your Asian activities for you

Caprikrn LLC

We manage your Asian activities for you


there are differences between local and international sourcing such as pure distance (10,000 km instead of 10km), language, mentality, or even regional characteristics which are not always familiar to us Central Europeans. Managing “remote suppliers” yourself is often tedious and inefficient and does not lead to the desired results; rarely, significant performance improvements are achieved from a distance.


with a solid local partner who takes over these tasks for you and gets started right on day one!


review the risks in your supply chains with an on-site partner, actively manage performance improvements, and arrange for quality control before shipment if required.

What we do:

Caprikrn LLC helps clients

from small to multinational companies – to source goods and services in new or developed markets, whether for export to their manufacturing or trading locations or to support their local operations.

Caprikrn LLC integrates with your operational procurement to support sourcing in new markets.

In doing so, Caprikrn helps its clients achieve tangible and sustainable optimization in international sourcing – up to 30% savings on average through global sourcing. In addition, customers avoid risks and receive resources of the highest quality by purchasing directly from manufacturers. Caprikrn LLC is supplier-independent and strictly rejects commission payments from suppliers.

Performance of Caprikrn LLC

Worldwide Sourcing

Caprikrn LLC can source virtually any product or service – from commodities to customized goods. To take advantage of new markets, you need to have local resources with expert knowledge of sourcing processes and commodity groups. Take advantage of our sourcing specialists’ years of experience with the following benefits:

Detection of market opportunities


Negotiation of the best possible conditions


Maintaining supplier relationships


Logistics optimization


Analysis and negotiation of supply chain risks


Search for the most competitive suppliers


Preventing risks in the supply chain


Digital purchasing process


Market insights

With us you get valuable market insights and professional support in developing new procurement markets.

Analysis and evaluation of production sites (incl. quality monitoring)

Caprikrn LLC helps companies analyze existing production sites and evaluate potential new production sites. We use a multi-level evaluation tool to identify the most suitable locations for you and make them comparable. We offer this process worldwide and have gained references and experience in Asia and Africa.

Benefits of using Caprikrn LLC

Improved quality and reliability of delivery by systematically managing relationships with local suppliers, we ensure that your requirements are always in the supplier’s mind during the supply contract.

Increased productivity

Caprikrn LLC`s seamless process and extensive training enable increased productivity in terms of time required to re-purchase a commodity group and labor per commodity group, resulting in lower operating costs and quickly noticeable optimization.

Reduced supply chain risk

Through our objective and rigorous sourcing process, we help our clients meet their corporate social responsibility requirements and international corruption legislation, and raise the standard of contract suppliers.

Economies of scale

As a procurement manager serving numerous companies, we are able to take advantage of economies of scale that a single client could not achieve. We achieve this by aggregating spend for different customers in the same industry, investing in extensive knowledge and expertise of an industry, and last but not least, by entering into leverage deals with suppliers.

Increased involvement and customization

For Caprikrn LLC one of the most important success factors is to involve the business stakeholders from the beginning to ensure that the requirements are properly understood and the sourcing model fits the mode of operation.